Mysteries and murders pop up in Poppy Green's world faster than weeds in a garden. Pretty, perky, and insatiably curious, Dallas's budding interior plant-care specialist digs her way out of a bumper crop of misadventures with a little help from her new neighbor, ex cop J.C. Tucker. When Poppy accidentally winds up in possession of an expensive diamond pendant belonging to her richest and most difficult client, she fears she'll be branded a thief if her client discovers she has the jewel. When the client disappears under strange circumstances, Poppy goes on the prowl for answers. Danger escalates when she stumbles on the woman's body and realizes she needs to solve the mystery before the killer turns his sights on her.
Life should be a breeze for Dallas plant-care specialist Poppy Green since her new business is expanding and her new neighbor, J.C. Tucker, ex-cop and certifiable hunk, appears to be the perfect choice for jumping back into the dating world. But, like dandelions in the grass, problems keep popping up. Poppy's BFF Jenny is on an emotional roller coaster since the break-in at her apartment, several of their friends have become the victims of strange and deadly accidents, and pedigreed pets of Poppy's ultra rich clients have gone missing under incriminating circumstances, posing a threat to her reputation and her success. To top it off, the return of an old nemesis sets chronically-curious Poppy on a quest to find answers to the abundance of mysteries in her life.

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